Yoga Classes & Workshops

"Valentine provides an absolutely magical atmosphere in the class where one feels like reborn each and every time! Her classes feel like taking a journey rather than a typical yoga class. As a bonus, you get reiki that helps to deepen the practice. Strongly recommended!"

- Burku, Zurich Switerland 

"I absolutely loved the Yoga Nidra session with Reiki! My mind hasn’t been so calm in ages, and my body is super relaxed. Valentine is a very skilled practitioner, she will take you on a truly magic journey to yourself. I’d love to come again!"

- Kat, Zurich Switzerland 

"Valentine's Classes are a magical experience. Filled with laughter and lightness, every time a new theme and simple explained astro and card knowledge. Her guiding takes you to a very relaxing journey. Always feel so calm after her classes and sleep like a baby."

- Laura, Zurich Switzerland

"Valentine has a beautiful way of creating a comfortable space (both in person and online) to relax and be vulnerable. Her yin and restorative yoga classes are wonderful, transporting me to a serene, stress-free place. And her guided relaxations are heavenly!"

- Laura M, Vancouver Canada

"That was everything (Workshop)  thank you so much. I laughed, I wanted to cry, but I breathed through it. So good!"
- Jill, Indiana USA

"I'd fallen out of love with yoga years ago but after attending one of Valentine's yoga classes I was re-bitten with the yogis love bug. Valentine's class are really uplifting and nurture your body, mind and soul. I couldn't thank her enough for bringing back my long lost love of yoga.

I have a stressful job and back pain so at the end of the day when I hit the mat I feel like I'm off in for a spa treatment. I can go in fuming or with brain fog but by the end, I always float out feeling 100% better."

- Dominique, Edinburgh Scotland

"I was finally in the right mindset and had time to do the yin Nidra class, thank you so much sometimes these classes really make a huge difference in my week. Especially as you said right now everything is so weird and I feel so much pressure (from myself), to do everything the way I SHOULD do it, and it just got me so down. And then a practice like this really grounds me and resets my brain a little bit, and makes me softer and kinder to myself.
So, again, really thank you."

- Sherida, Zurich Switzerland

"Valentine has a way with words like no other instructor I have met. It just seems she is intuitively tapped into the universe somehow and can express exactly the things I need to hear each class! I am nowhere close to a yogi, in fact a weightlifter and Crossfitter, and I absolutely love her Monday night Restorative Yin/Reiki classes. It is a perfect balance to a high intensity week. So happy to have met her."

- Lindsay, Zurich Switzerland 

"I love her Yoga - Reiki Mix and also the Cards and the Oils. Every Lesson has her own theme. Its a very good recreation and 'come down' for me! <3 Its magical and special!"

- Jeanne, Zurich Switzerland

"Valentine brings fun and joyful ness to all her teaching. She is a master of holding space which is such a gift and she helped me at such a difficult time in my life when I was dealing with trauma - she’s also got some great taste in music choices for her playlists."

- Helen, Edinburgh Scotland

"Valentine creates such a relaxing safe space in her classes along with an amazing curated playlist for ultimate relaxation. The support felt by her guidance allowed me to truly let go and succumb to the experience. I am very grateful to have been a part of her class."

- Michelle, Toronto Canada

"Valentine‘s Yoga classes are the most relaxing and magical ones. Spiked with a weekly astrology insight (for all astro lovers)."

- Laura I, Switzerland

"My experience with Valentine has been nothing short of amazing and a blessing! She is the most thorough and accurate spiritual healer and teacher I’ve come across and I am so incredibly thankful to have worked with her!“

- Macenzie, Toronto Canada

"The perfect intimate class! I left feeling relaxed & centred, Can't wait for next week!"

- MJ, Blue Mountains Canada

"Valentine has such a calming energy. I felt welcomed & truly loved her class."
- LH Blue Mountains Canada

"I was skeptical coming to class as I am a total beginner, this class is definitely all inclusive, no matter your age or experience level."

- Susan Blue Mountains Canada

" I came for a drop in class and loved it so much I joined the full session."

- Daria Blue Mountains Canada

Astrology Sessions

"I so thoroughly enjoyed my astrological reading with Valentine that I gifted my Mom with a reading, too! She's knowledgable, while remaining accessible and totally open—and my 90-minute online reading with her was a lot of fun! Getting an in-depth written birth chart is a huge bonus and I have no hesitations recommending Valentine's astrological services."

- Laura M, Vancouver Canada

"I had a birth chart reading done, and you made me cry, I felt like you knew me and all my family. You are amazing, it has helped me so much in my day to day life and understanding questions that I had for myself.....this is your gift... thank you."

- Lynn, Toronto, Canada

"I always wanted to know about astrology but thought it‘s difficult to learn. But Valentine managed to explain that topic very easily. Her knowledge is huge. I‘m evertime astonished how easy she includes the astroglocigal charts of the participants and creates great examples. Also the astro reading was great. I learned so much and it was easy to follow even though I'm just a astro-beginner."

- Laura I, Zurich Switzerland 

"By the way, the reading we had earlier this year changed my life. Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!"

- Clara, Zurich Switzerland

Reiki Courses

"I did my Reiki 1+2 with Valentine. It has been a very spiritual and awakening experience and overall absolutely amazing! Valentine is super professional and will be able to answers all your question. I do highly recommend her."

- Marie, Germany 

Restorative Teacher Training

"I loved the 20h Restorative YTT very much. Valentine is such an enthusiastic Restorative Yoga Lover and she knows a lot about it. After the Training I felt ready to teach Restorative Yoga. We also learnt a lot about the Yoga Business. Beside all the Yoga we were a very nice Group of Girls. I felt super relaxed and blissful after the Training. Thank you very much."

 - Michèle, Zurich, Switzerland

EFT Tapping Sessions & Courses

"I‘m new to EFT but Valentine managed to hook me to it very fast. Thanks to her I know how to include this helpful tool during my daily life."
- Laura I, Zurich Switzerland

"EFT was very helpful in acknowledging how I feel, especially since Valentine is great in finding the right words to describe the roots of those thoughts and feelings. By giving myself the space to really feel and tap, it felt as if those feelings were not exactly mine and it was not necessary to adapt those belief at all. It was a strange feeling, but definitely effective and relieving even doing EFT for the first time."
-Ece, Turkey

"Had my first EFT session a week ago and I felt good right away.
The stress is gone and I'm more present instead of been stuck in my head.
So simple but so powerful."
- Silvia, Italy

"I have just finished my second EFT session with Valentine and I feel compelled to write this. Before my session with her I knew nothing about EFT. I went into the experience with no expectations and an open mind. My experience was outstanding and I feel so much lighter, during my session her ability to facilitate change in the way I was thinking was magical. It is as if she intuitively moved through the session in a way that cannot be expressed but felt and I feel grateful. I no longer feel like the dialogue around what I wanted to work on has any power over me; it is in fact the opposite. Thank you again."

- Matthew, Guelph Canada

"I knew that Valentine has magical Reiki hands but was not expecting that her EFT treatment or session would help me that much! I always resisted EFT a little for some reason, but happy that I got over my prejudice thanks to her! Even after one session, I could feel how this simple but efficient tool has positively affected my life. I totally recommend EFT with her!"

- Burku, Switzerland

Hey Valentine ! I just wanted to say your EFT & Meditation course literally made such a huge difference for me and I looked forward to doing it everyday. You’re truly meant to do this !! I can’t wait to sign up for the next one

- Mac, Toronto Canada

Thank you so much for Tapping session we had online. I felt amazing after and was able to incorporate tapping into my life on a regular basis. Such a wonderful skill to have in my spiritual tool box. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to heal themselves in a gentle and effective way. 
- Judy St denis, Guelph Canada