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The Magical Power of Reiki

Reiki maybe you have heard of this Magical Healing Energy? Maybe Not? I am writing this for you to learn more if you’re curious or if you’re familiar with Reiki to reconnect with the benefits of Reiki.

So, if you are curious about Reiki and you want to know more. Reiki is a healing energy that flows through the hands from the divine or source energy. Have you ever been with someone that is in pain and wanted to put your hands on the wound? Or hold their hand? This is Reiki healing. I believe that everyone has this healing power, but it is just becoming attuned to it through the Reiki levels and letting it flow through you to help and heal others and yourself.

Okay so maybe this sounds a little far out to you?

But you're still curious? Keep an open mind and continue to read. There are so many benefits to receiving Reiki, becoming Reiki attuned and healing others. Some of the benefits include: reduced pain, deep relaxation, promotes health and well being, encourages mental clarity, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, relieves depression, soothes digestion, strengthens self esteem, heightens self awareness, heals the heart, sends healing to wherever you need it in the body, offers support to substance abuse or trauma, and heightens intuition. There are so many benefits to this healing practice why not give it a try?

In Reiki, there are three levels. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In Reiki Level One you learn how to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. In Reiki Level Two you learn the Reiki symbols and how to send distance healing. And in Reiki Level Three you become a Reiki Master where you are attuned to teach Reiki and pass attunements to others. In each Level of Reiki there is an attunement in which you are attuned to the Reiki Level that you are learning. And with each level, there are shifts in your being and your journey. After each level course, I felt extremely different in myself and on my path. My intuition heightened with each level so very deeply. I could feel things I couldn’t feel before, and more than ever I intuitively know what feels right and wrong to me. This doesn’t mean that you are psychic but you feel things on a deeper level, in some ways I feel more attuned to true self or essence. Some people do Reiki Level one and that is enough, some people feel ready and do all three levels and become a Reiki Master. Others, like myself, take time in between each level to process the attunement and allow the adjustment of the new power to settle and sink in. That is part of the magic, you get to decide what you use it for, why and when. You got the Power. It’s like having a little bit of extra magic behind you always.

The number one question I get asked in my Reiki courses or treatments is, Do you feel drained after Reiki?

And the answer is definitely not. You can never be drained form Reiki healing energy. This is how it works: The Healing Energy flows through you from the heavens, the universe, god, the divine, whatever you believe in. From your Crown Chakra or top of head to connection to above moving down your arms and from the hands, it flows out of you. Reiki can be hands on or hands the hovering. It is never draining as when you give Reiki as you are always receiving it too. Often, after Reiki treatments, you feel charged up and refreshed. This is one the greatest benefits of Reiki as you can literally heal yourself anywhere and anytime you need.

Even if it sounds crazy I used Reiki in all areas of my life. For example, I Reiki my car before I drive, I Reiki myself before I go to bed and when I wake up (Even just 5 minutes), I Reiki my food before I eat, I Reiki pets and animals, I Reiki my phone when it’s dying, I Reiki the plants in my house, I Reiki my crystals, I send Reiki to accidents and incidents that are in need of healing. You can use Reiki creatively for anything!

Lastly, Reiki works on an individual level to heal, release, whatever it is that you need. Sometimes, we don’t know what we need but the Universe does. I have done Reiki treatments where the person cries, laughs, feels colors, receives messages. It can be a transformation treatment or tool to use in your everyday life!

Also if you are a Yoga Professional, this practice can really deepen your connection to yourself and your students. For me personally, I use Reiki in my adjustments during Yoga classes which enhance the relaxation and naturally releases stress and tension even more. Almost every class someone comments about my adjustments or asks if I do Reiki.

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki or doing Reiki Level 1,2, or 3. I do courses privately and in a group setting, My Reiki courses include two short yoga practices to get us in the zone, intention setting, magical fairy cards and aromatherapy oils to enhance the healing practice. Email me at

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned Reiki and it’s magical benefits!

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