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Yin Yoga is the New Black

"Yinning at Life"

I have been a practitioner and international teacher of Yin Yoga for a while now and can't help but believe that is it the "New" power workout. There is so much pressure in this world to be fit, look good and stay perfect. I believe this is bullshit. There is no such thing as perfection and the more and more we actually put this into action and actually live it the better. Let's drop the power workouts and come back home to ourselves. I dare you to practice Yin Yoga every day and watch how your life, dress size and thoughts change dramatically.

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are"

Life is such a funny thing and we are being called to embrace ourselves in all the chaos. The busy attitude and lifestyle are more chaotic than ever, and life is just flying by. Instead of having the need to achieve or say you have done a crazy intense something workout after a 10-12 hour day when really all you want to do is relax. We end up on our phones for hours a day, instead of using that time as a time to work on ourselves, or constructively relax or meditate. The world is changing.

Let's take a pause for a moment.

Notice how much of this you can relate too. And take a moment to think about how you want to feel. Here are just some of the benefits of our Yin Yoga practice that can be life-changing.

Yin yoga assists with Stress relief. Stress is the root of all of our "Disease" in the body. When we can devote one hour to ourselves, and just breathe through it all we can so powerfully let go of tension and stress from the daily challenges, little worries or insecurities that sometimes stick to us and sometimes we hold on to for comfort and safety and out of fear. Yin is an internal workout, a workout for the mind, body and spirit connection.

Yin yoga helps us purge trapped emotions from inside ourselves. Every single day we as humans go through a suitcase of emotions (I don't know about you but I do) irritation, sadness, happiness, anger, joy, boredom, fear, gratitude, and resentment. Some of these emotions have a good feeling and some not so nice of a feeling. When we don't process and find a way to let go of the not so nice ones they stay trapped in our body. And when we continue to push and hold them down, whether we find it hard to express ourselves or we have fear in releasing from life experiences. We then create thought patterns in the mind that hold us captive and make those problems worse then we can imagine. For example, have you ever teared up in a hip opener? Or have you done a twisty vinyasa flow class and had a little drop run down your face while in lying in savasana? This is what I mean, and it's crazy but breathing and moving into your body creates a release of stuck feelings and or emotions. It gives us the time to process what we are feeling, why we are feeling it and then we can choose, what stays and what goes. I have left my yin yoga practice feeling like I have new shoulders, new hips, and a completely new mindset.

"Yin Yoga is like a very slow meditation practice. Where we meditate with different parts of our body, to make peace with areas that feel tired, stressed, pressured or pained."

Yin yoga as a practice to assist and relieve depression and anxiety. We all know that the Winter time of year especially January can be quite depresso. When we feel these dark, cold and heavy emotions we kind of just want to run away, ignore or do things to make us forget temporarily. But, can you imagine sitting with these feelings, witnessing them, and noticing the same old patterns of the ego or the negative thoughts holding you back from your dream life? Sometimes it is really challenging to break away from the stress and the habitual limited thoughts. Sometimes its also really hard to meditate and be still. Yin Yoga is like a very slow meditation practice. Where we meditate with different parts of our body, to make peace with areas that feel tired, stressed, pressured or pained. It is also super grounding to sit and focus on the different regions of yourself. Usually, a few certain areas of your body will be the triggers. As you continue to Yin at life you will heal yourself, you will notice what flares your depressive or anxious thoughts and be able to live your true essence, sans anxiety or negative ego thoughts and feelings. Imagine a life where you have the power to literally stop the thoughts from even starting because you're so aware, attuned and knowledgeable about your body. We all want to be there, it takes time, it's a lifetime practice.

Yin yoga as an Anti Ageing practice. This is one of my fav benefits and it is something I love to teach because it is so true! Yin yoga is one of the slowest forms of yoga, during a yin yoga class you will hold the poses for 3 - 5 mins to work into and release stress in your connective tissues. And as you let go of deeply rooted tension and stress, it slows down the process of aging. The number one cause of aging is Stress!!! So, letting go of deeply rooted stress is a sure way to keep you looking youthful & radiant. Yin yoga also gives us a lovely "glow" to the face, as it assists in the circulation of the body. Seriously, check out your Post-Yin glow after class, you won't be disappointed. I sometimes like to think of Yin yoga as a beauty regime, a luxurious rejuvenating release of aging stress! Can I also just mention that it doesn't matter about age or illness, anyone can practice Yin Yoga. It is accessible to everyone big or small. I believe that everyone has the right to feel zen, to slow down and to Yin at life.

Yin yoga as a detoxifying practice. Yin helps us to let go of thoughts, feelings, and stress that do not serve us from our mind and body. As we hold a pose for extended periods of time and then come out of it we create two things. A rush a blood to that place in the body and also during the posture a compression of organs. Giving the organs a little squeeze, as we breathe into the places we feel it most. This is the ultimate and a deeper release of the holding and gripping we all have in certain parts of the bod. It's also opposite of most all of our daily busy non-stop lives. Giving us all a little detox from the go go go mindset, creating a yin-yang to our bodies bringing ourselves back to balance. And breathe. . . . . ( Seriously big breathe in and out. . . Ahhhhhh. . . )

"Only the gentle are ever really strong" - James Dean

Yin yoga as a strengthening practice. As we get older, our minds and body may become a bit more rigid. Depending on our practices, job, self-care and daily tasks/lifestyle. As much as being strong on the outside is important, what's even more important to that is our own personal power, our own inner fire or pow pow. If we aren't strong on the inside, everything can feel like a struggle. Yin Yoga assists us in being strong on the inside. Creating flexibility as we grow older and carry stresses and tension in different areas of the body. Yin yoga releases as you know deeply rooted stress from our connective tissues, and creates flexibility. When we have that space for flexibility and openness in the body, it also opens and strengthens the mind, thoughts, feelings and therefore our own personal actions. Some people need movement in order to create stillness and some people need to breathe deep in order to create peace in their bodies. True strength comes from the inside out. Yin helps us to get strong by breathing deeply enough to listen to our own truth, intuition, heart, and soul.

"Slow down, lighten up and breathe"

There are so many powerful benefits to a slower practice! Even if you are on your New Year's health kick, give yourself permission to slow down with a Yin class or two and watch how it compliments your soul. Activate your own inner strength with Yin. I promise you'll feel lighter, brighter and much more you. Give yourself the goal of being the most you that you can be!

More on Yin to come soon. . . Lots of Blessings your way!


Yogi Movie Star

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