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Gong Sound Healing

Paiste Jupiter Gong


The Gong is the world's most ancient instrument that has been used for deep cellular full body Healing for centuries.

After attending a Gong Bath one can feel peaceful, blissful and a feeling a floating.

The Gong's sound is unlike any other sound healing in the world. There is a unique resonance and energy from a Gong. Valentine works with a Paiste Jupiter Gong which has a specific frequency that is attuned to the vibration of the planet Jupiter. 

Jupiter is known as the largest planet in our Solar System. Jupiter the planet has a powerful magnetic orb around it literally attracting what it wants to expand on. This specific Jupiter sound can bring expansion, abundance, opportunity, gifts, prosperity, healing to name a few.

Valentine is now hosting Gong Baths, Workshops & Private Sessions.

Sound Healing Gong Workshop

The Shed Clarksburg

Sunday November 27th 2022



Private Gong Sessions

At Home

Scheduled at your Convenience

195 (1Hour)