Gene Keys Sessions

Now Offering Gene Keys Sessions Available Online via Zoom

Gene Keys is a new healing modality which was founded by Richard Rudd. Everyone has a Hologenetic Profile from their Time, Date & Place of Birth. 

From your Hologenetic Profile you have 3 main sequences. 

- Activation Sequence

(Inner Genius)

- Venus Stream Sequence 

(Relationship Patterns/Love)

- Pearl Sequence


You can learn more about your Gene Keys, as it is a self study programme on their website or by booking a a Session/Course with me.

1-1 Gene Keys Sessions Available

(It is recommended to start with Activation)

- Activation Session

- Venus Session 

- Pearl Session

Each Session is 195 (1 Hour)

(Sessions can be recorded for you)

Group Sessions 

Activate your Inner Genius

(Activation Sequence)

4 Week Online Program based on the Gene Keys 

This 4 Week Online Program focuses on Activating your Inner Genius. Each Week we will go through the Activation Sequence by engaging in the 4 Activation Keys and the layers from the Gene Keys. 


Getting to know & awakening your Inner Genius can be a life changing experience. This course is designed for people that are new to the Gene keys and want to get to know their own personal hologenetic profile & Genius Sequence.


Included in the Course: 

~ Activate your own personal Genius

~ Introduction to Gene Keys 

~ New themes each week

~ Diving into your hologenetic profile

~ Weekly meditations designed to activate your Genius Self 


Who is this Course for: 

Anyone that is interested in learning about Gene Keys. No previous Experience required.


Week 1

Life's Work 


Week 2



Week 3



Week 4



Please Note: It is Recommended to buy the Gene Keys Books so you can deepen your individual knowledge of your hologenetic profile. 



Online via Zoom